About Barbaka

I am a Self Taught Artist!  

I have been doing Art since I was two years old.

(That's what my Mom told me)  She said I did My first Mural when I was two and it was not just scribbling.

I do Art like people breathe.  It is something I have to do in order to Live!

"I am a Mixed Media Artist"

I Love to combine Traditional Art with Photography & Digital Art. 

Art is My True Passion!!  I am a Living Artist!!!! !!!! !!!!

I Love to use Recycled and throw away Junk and give it a New Life. 

I admit it I am a Pack-Rat and Proud of it! I believe we live in a Throw-A-Way Society that must learn how to take better care of our Planet. 

I tend to do Art with Angels and Spiritual Symbols.  I have an infinite bond with Angels and they always show up in My Life when I need them!

Angels are My Muse!

Sometimes they are in Earthly forms! ♥ (You know who You Are)

I often will stay up into the wee hours of the morning working on Art.  I can be sound asleep and my Muse will wake me up and I must Create the Images.

God has Blessed Me with a Multitude of Talents and I am always Grateful.

I Love to share My Passion for Art with others!!!  “I Teach and Inspire Art as often as I can”

I am Creative Energy!

With Love, Light & Creative Energy!  Barbara Tristan (Barb) AKA Barbaka

Sounds like: Barb Aka (A as in Apple, K as in Cat, A as in Apple) ;o)


Barbara Tristan

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